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Plant Pots in case you need something larger or smaller.

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).

Click on picture to go to item if you need it.

75. Large Plant Pots - Fruit trees need at least a 25 gal pot. A bit larger is better.

76. Small Clay Pots - These look great and are easy to grow some things in. 

77. Clay Pot Saucer - You must protect your flooring from any worm water that will stain.

78. Caddie for Plant Pots - These will help you move or rotate a large pot or a concrete mixing tub you might be using for mushrooms.

79. Ceiling Hooks - If you  use any type of hanger for you plants, you will need a ceiling hook. YOU MUST GET PERMISSION TO ATTACH ANYTHING TO YOUR APARTMENT. 

80. Fabric Plant Hangers - These look wonderful with a hanging type of plant - strawberries, chives will lean over or parsley will fall over also. 

81. Metal Plant Hangers - The dark metal with the brown mat and a dark green plant - looks great!

82. Metal Indoor Plant Hanger - These will hold many pots against a wall, maybe over some other plants. We found some others - look here in Found.

83. Plastic Plant Hanger - These are the least expensive and useful hanger.

84. Window Planter Box - Love the idea, but some apartments will not allow them - you must check with the management before buying.

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