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The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).

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53. Live Plants - Starting with a live plant is so much easier than seeds. Home Depot has a great selection of plants for your Bucket Garden.

54. Seeds - If you want to start with seeds, Home Depot has a large selection of plants seeds to choose from


Clover Seeds - These make great green compose. I have started added them to my smaller clay pots. They look great and help with the soil.

55. Organic soil - you can use any type of potting soil you like but organic is healthier for you and your family.

56. Viagrow Super Starter Seed Plugs - These are the best way to start seeds.

herb seed pack.jpg
organic soil.jpg
viagrow super plugs.jpg

57. Peat Moss - If you don't have newspaper, peat moss is a good choice - is on the acidic side of the scale.

peat moss.jpg

58. Organic Fertilizer - you can use any good fertilizer.

organic fertilizer.jpg

59. Funnel - I use a funnel when I transferring the worm water to the watering cans. I don't want to stain anything.

60. Organic Pest Control - There are many ways to prepare a good pest control.

organic pest control.jpg

61. Moisture and pH meter- this is a must! You need to know the levels of moisture and pH in your soil for a great crop!

moister meter.jfif

62. Watering Cans - I like an easy to fill and easy to use watering can. I have four and they stay out overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate off.

water can.jpg

63. Spray Bottle - This is a good tool to use if you make your own pest control.

spray bottle.jpg

64. Drip System - This is an easy way to water you buckets, if you have access to a water system.

drip sysrm.jpg

65. Garden Tools - I have a few favorite (small) shovels I use in my Bucket Garden. 

garden tools.jpg

66. Scissors - I use small scissors to harvest my herbs. I also have used scissors for cutting fine vines, paper, plastic sheeting. 

67. Pruning Shears - For cutting thicker vines, like Rosemary. 


68. Tomato Cage - I have one for my tomato and one for my red pepper.

tomatoe cage.jpg

69. Wooden Trellis - These look great and are ideal for any climbing vegetable. I have my zucchini squash climbing one one now. 

wood trellis.jpg

70. Plant Tape - Plant tape is soft on the stems of your plants and will not cut into them.

plant tape.jpg
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