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Some Questions our friends have ask:


If your question is about the bucket system, then click here

If your question is about growing plants in your area, then click here to ask a Home Depot specialist. 

  • Can we grow Ginseng in the bucket system?

    • Yes! You can grow Ginseng in the bucket system.

  • Can we grow a fruit tree in our garden buckets?

    • Yes! But you will want to watch the water lever. This is because a tree will drink more water than many other plants​ , And you must use at least a 25 gal container.

  • Can I use a different size of the container?

    • Yes! The concept is the same. You control the soil, water, and height of your plants. I use the Home Depot bucket because it is easy to get, easy to use, and cheap. 

  • Can I use this system on a Flat rooftop?

    • NO! I say that to ensure that no one can say we said it was OK. A roof isn't structured to hold the weight of a bucket system.

  • Can I use the Bucket System next to my driveway?

    • Yes!​ You can use the Bucket System anywhere that will support the weight, and you have permission.

  • Can I use the Bucket System in my Garage? (Basement)

    • Yes, to both the garage and the basement. You will need to make some adjustments to either one, but you can grow plants year-round!​ Click here to learn how to adjust your garage or basement so you can grow plants year-round.

  • The Spring is cold where I live, and I can't start my buckets inside. What can I do?

    • If you have to start your buckets outside before it is warm, you must protect the bucket and the plant from getting too cold.

    • You could start some plants in small containers and transfer them later

    • Your Plant Bucket can be protected by wrapping it in something like a blanket or placed inside a bag of leaves.

    • The plant can be protected by covering it with plastic or anything (like a white bucket) to keep the cold out. 

  • In the book "MY BUCKET GARDEN', you talked about reflective light from a building. Please explain.

    • Where I live, there is an apartment building across from me that reflects the sun's light in the afternoon. This adds to the light requirement for my plants, and I have added the reflective (1/3 of a cut white bucket) to my buckets to reflect the light onto the plant.

  • How do I remember to water my plants or get things done?

    • I love a new program from Microsoft called 'To Do.' You can download a copy for your records.

  • Should I use a file or sandpaper to clean up the edge after I cut the plastic?

    • Either is fine. This Word Docx will explain in greater detail.

  • When should I water my Bucket Garden?

    • The Morning is the best before the Sun is hot. This gives the plants time to hydrate before the sun hits them.

    • The morning allows the water to go deep into the buckets.

    • Try NOT to water at night; the dampness will promote the wrong type of mold in the soil and on your plants.

    • DO NOT water in full sun (unless your plants are wilting); the water spots will burn the leaves.

    • When using Worm Water, WASH YOU HANDS AFTER - the Worm Water have bacterial, fungi, and mold.

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Add a pic of the building next door with a reflective bucket in a bucket

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