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Safety FRIST!
Use safety items to protect yourself and your family.
The numbers of each page correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list (click here to go to the list).
Click on the picture to go to the item if you need it.

1. First Aid Kits - are a must for anyone that does any work!

Fisrt sid kit.jpg

2. Safety Glasses - help prevent particles from damaging your eyes!

safety glasses.jfif

3. Sun Hat - helps keep the damaging sun rays off your face and neck.

Sun hat.jpg

4. Sunscreen - This is to protect your exposed skin from the Sun's damaging rays.


5.  Garden Gloves - These gloves will help keep your hand clean and help from damaging the skin on your hands.


6. Ear Plugs - To protect your hearing while using power tools.

ear plugs.jfif

7. Dust Mask - Use when cutting any material or working the dirt.

Dust Mask.jpg

8. Garden Boots - Have boots that you use outside and take them off before coming into your house.


9. Garden Shirt - Have a few shirts that you will use when gardening in your Bucket Garden.

work shirt.jfif

10. Garden Jacket - A few days a year, you will want a light jacket for gardening.


11. Garden Pants - A good idea, so you don't wear a good pair of pants. 


12. Coveralls - In some areas, it is frigid, and these coveralls will help keep you warm.

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