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About RRRecardoe

I have been gardening for over 50 years. My parents were gardening before I was born. When I was around 10, I think, my mother had me help her in the garden. I am sure I wasn't much help but it started me on the walk with growing things.
Almost everywhere I lived, I grew something and it was usually grown in a container. I grew things in second bedrooms, garages, in clay, plastic and many other types of containers in many different locations.
I really enjoy watching as things grow.
I started writing 'My Bucket Garden' in 2020. But I had my Bucket Garden for a few years before, learning how things worked.
Now, 2021, I am putting my learning to words so I can share with my friends how to grow things on their balcony.
This year I am trying a few new ideas:
  • The big one is reflective panels behind plants from white buckets. The reflective panels reflects the light from another building on to the back of the plant.
  • Reflective panels under the plants from white lids. The reflective lids reflective the light up into the plant.
  • Plant bucket rim protection, to extend the life of the orange plant bucket. When you use a bucket rim protector, the UV rays from the sun will not damage your buckets and the white rims will reflect the light to the plants.
  • A wooden fence for a sun block for my clay pots. The water in the pots will heat up and steam the roots which kills the roots and plants.
  • Using the space under the Bucket Garden to grow other things. (mushrooms or orchids)
  • Different colored buckets for different purposes:
    • ​Orange for the Plants
    • Green for catching the worm water - Drain bucket
    • White to make reflective panels
    • Yellow for composting
    • Black for storage and drying the leaves so they crush easily 
  • Lids:
    • White​
      • ​Under the plant reflective panels
      • Rim protection for the plant bucket 
    • Black
      • The lid is to protect the leaves 
    • Yellow
      • Use as a lid for the composting bucket​
    • Green
      • Use as a lid for the drain bucket​
I started writing many years ago but just recently started publishing my books. I enjoy writing, more that working on the web site, and I really enjoyed writing this last book - it refreshed my love for gardening.
Most of my writings are Christian stories. 
I did write a book called 'The Pamper Cat'. It is a how-to book on pampering your cat. I love cats and dogs and have had both most of my life.
You can view my books at 

My career is training.
I have trained store personnel to sell, teach and help customers as a third party trainer for many years and for a few different companies and many different products:
Epson and others

From computers to printers to paper

But my favorite training was with International Machine Group. They sold embroidery machines and software. I trained on a few different types of machine and four different software programs. I am still friends with John and Mary, who own and run IMG 

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