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BBQ's and food preparation 

87. BBQ Grills - Grilling your home-grown fresh vegetables is the BEST! You and your family will love your grilled fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs!

Gas, charcoal, and electric. 

Charcoal has great flavor but a lot of smoke. 

Gas is easy had good flavor and less smoke.

Electric is almost not smoke and could be used inside during bad weather. 

bbq with veg.jfif

88. BBQ Grilling Sets. Must have the tools to do the work correctly! I have a set of tools just for the BBQ and one set for cooking in the house. Of course, I have an apron for each.

Home Depot has a great selection of BBQ tools.

bbq tools.jfif

89. BBQ Aprons - Keeping your good clothes clean while 
BBQing is a must! Home Depot has a great selection to choose from.


90. Denim Chef's Toque - You need to look good and keep your hair clean while cooking your homegrown vegetables and herbs!

chef hat.jpg
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