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Odds and Ends that you might find useful in building your own Bucket Garden!

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).

Click on picture to go to item if you need it.

91. Worms - They will eat old plant material and give you fresh fertilizer for your plants! For FREE!

92. Trash Bags - This is easy, everyone uses trash bags. If you start your Bucket Garden bucket inside, place it inside a trash bag so it will not leak onto your floor.

93. Broom and Dust Pan - To keep your Bucket Garden area clean!

94. Lysol wipes - To disinfect things. You don't want to spread bad things to other areas!

95. Lysol Spray - Sometimes a disinfecting spray works better. I have and use both.

96. Bleach - I bleach my buckets before reusing them. I want to start with a 'clean' bucket for my Bucket Garden.

97. Scrub Brush - I use this with my bleach.

98. Paper Towels - These are VERY handy to have around with working in your Bucket Garden.

99. Binder Clips - I use binder clips in many areas of my home. In my Bucket Garden I use binder clips to hold plastic sheeting closed in the cold weather.

100. Notebook - It is a good idea to write down any information you notice about your Bucket Garden - how much light, what grows and what didn't and why.

101. Hand Lotion - Love playing (working) in my Bucket Garden but my hands dry out and a good hand lotion is sooooo helpful.

102. Markers - I use markers to, well, mark things - plant names, lines to cut (mustaches on the sleeping plants - ;-), kidding, I wouldn't do that) 

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