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You will need some tools to enjoy building, working, and using Your Bucket Garden.
The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).
Click on picture to go to item if you need it.

13. Spade Bit - Use a spade bit to drill the holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage.

14. Tape Measure - Use tape to measure around the rim of a bucket.

15. Clamps - Use clamps to keep things that you are cutting from moving and hurting you.

16. Circular Saw - This is used mostly for cutting wood.

17. Circular Saw Blades - Have a few different types - high tooth count to low tooth count.

High tooth count for a cleaner cut.

18.  Jigsaw - This is the primary cutting tool. With a fine-tooth blade, you can cut almost all of your plastic.

19. Jigsaw Blades - Use a fine-tooth blade for cutting all plastic.

20. Sandpaper - Use sandpaper to 'Clean' the cuts, so no plastic falls into the soil.

21. Extension Cord - When working, it seems that you always need one, have a few around the house.

22. Shipping Tape - This is handy to close plastic tarps

23. Tape Dispenser - A dispenser makes use of the shipping tape much more manageable.

24. Drill - Use a drill for predrilling so the wood will not split and for making holes. Also, to precut plastic to make it easier to use the jigsaw.

25. Replacement Battery - If you use battery-operated tools, you will need to replace your battery, and Home Depot has a great selection. 

26. Twist Drill Bits - These are handy to have. Never know when you will need a hole.

27. Countersink Bit - Use a countersink as a predrill so your wood doesn't split and the screw head is flush with the wood.

28. Magnetic Bit Holder - This is a great tool to have; it holds the screw on the driver bit.

29. Close Quarters Hacksaw - You can use this instead of a jigsaw.

30. Hacksaw Blades - use a find tooth for plastic.

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