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Grow lights

They can help start your seedlings or grow your plants if in a dark environment (basement).

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).

Click on picture to go to item if you need it.

Grow Lights - You have two choices:

  1. Single bulb for hanging over one bucket in your Bucket Garden.

  2. Full length tubes for hanging over many buckets in your Bucket Garden.

grow light bulb.jpg
grow light tube.jpg

71. Clamp light - Use a clamp light so you can adjust the height as the plant grows.

clamp light.jpg

72. Steel Double Loop Chain - Use this to hang your lights. It is inexpensive at Home Depot and easy to use

double loop chain.jpg

73. Extension Cords - You might need a few of these - if you have power tools, lights or electric BBQ grill.

74. Hydro Crunch Grow Light Kit - These are an all-in-one light system for your Bucket Garden.

extension cord.jpg
Hydro crunch grow light.jpg
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