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Here is a list of construction materials you might need to build your Bucket Garden.
The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).
Click on the picture to go to item if you need it.

31. Orange Buckets - Use them for your plants. They are inexpensive and easy to get from Home Depot

32. Green Bucket - Great for catching the excess water from the plant buckets. The worm water will stain anything it touches.

33. Green Lid - just to color match. Cut a hole in the top and glue a screen on it so the bugs stay out.

green lid with hole.jpg

34. White Bucket - If you cut a the white bucket up, it will be a great light reflector - it is already set to the correct curvature. See 'Detailed Instructions' to make the reflectors. 

orange bucket new.jpg
green bucket.jpg
green lid.jpg
white lid (2).jpg

35. White Lids - Cut in half and then cut the center out. Then place on the edge of the buckets to keep the sun from damaging the edge.  

36. Yellow Bucket - Use one, with worms, for composting. I have worms in all buckets but the composting bucket is just for making soil!

37. Yellow Lid - Use a lid to keep bugs out. You must have many holes in the lid for the worms.

yellow lid with holes.jpg

38. Black Bucket - To dry leaves for mulch, a black bucket increases the heat for drying.

39. Orange Lid - You can use an orange lid, but I prefer to keep the color lid with the bucket.

40. Window Screen - is a great cover for the holes in the bottom of the buckets and to cover any holes in the lids.

41. Plastic Glue - when you glue to a 5 gal. bucket, you must use this special glue - other glues will not stick!

A balcony wall is a great 'Sun Block' that is already set up for you. 

42. Vigoro - is a great 'Sun Block' that looks good. 

43. Plywood - can be used as a 'Sun Block' also.

44. 2 X 4's - 10 ft is ideal for your Bucket Garden because the rain gutter is 10 ft. 

45. 2 X 2's - are very useful in building many different types of things around your garden area, like a 'Plant Table'.

46. 1 X 2's - The main area I used these is to 'Plant Table' top. But you can also use to them as a spacer to lift things up (pots).

47. Rain Gutter - Use a rain gutter as a water trough to catch and direct the worm water from the plant buckets to the drain bucket.

48. Rain Gutter Caps - These are used to keep the water from draining out the end of the rain gutter.

49. Rain Gutter Hangers - You can use these instead of screws to hold your rain gutters to the 2 X 4's.

50. Short Wood Screws - You don't need very long screws to hold the Rain Gutter to the 2 X 4's

51. Long Wood Screws - You will need longer screws to screw the wood together.

Yellow bucket.jpg
yellow lid.jpg
black bucket.jpg
orange lid.jpg
window screen.jpg
Plastic glue.jpg
bamboo fencing.jpg
2 x 4.jpg
2 x 2.jpg
1 x 2.jpg
rain gutter.jpg
rain gutter caps.jpg
rain gutter hanger.jpg
wood screws.jpg
Long wood screw.jpg

52. Cinder Blocks - They make great legs for your Bucket Garden. They are easy to buy, move and will not rot.

cinder block.jpg
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