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A basement or Garage is a great place to either start some plants in your buckets to grow plants year-round!
We are planning to produce some videos on how to build a Bucket Garden in a Garage or basement soon.

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the 'print this list' (click here to go to the list).
Click on the picture to go to the item if you need it.

112. 2 X 4's - It would be best to build a lite greenhouse in your basement or garage. Being as the greenhouse would be inside, you wouldn't have to build it strong enough for the weather, thus I call it lite. 2 X 4's could be used a the main frame work for a lite greenhouse.


113. 2 X 2's - These can have a supporting role in building your greenhouse.

114. 1 X 2's - I always have these around for a little support or to build a table for my small plant pots. 

115. Clear Plastic Sheeting - Use this to see into the area.

116. White Plastic Sheeting - Use this to reflect the light back to the plants.

117. Gloss White Paint - This will help to reflect light back to the plants.

118. Paint roller frame - it will make painting faster.

119. Paint roller cover - make sure you clean it very well.

120. Paint roller kit - this has everything in one package

121. Heater - You might need to add some heat to certain areas during certain seasons. The type of heater will slowly heat the area and stay warmer longer.

122. Dehumidifier - At times the humidity inside your indoor greenhouse could be increasing the likely hood of mold.

123. Power Strips - I like to use them because of the circuit breaker and on/off switch.

124. Staple Gun - This is a great tool if you are using plastic sheeting for the walls in your indoor greenhouse.

125. Staples for the Staple Gun - You will need some of these

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